Understanding Communication

As an instructor of adults, when communicating with your audience it is important to understand the communication process. In diagram below illustrates: the ideal communication process the reality of the of the communication process, and all that can get in the way of communicating with your audience The first flow is the ideal communication process, there are no barriers … [Read more…]

Instructor Roles in Adult Education

Adult Education – Instructor Roles As an instructor in Adult Education we play many different roles. Adult Learners look to their instructors for guidance. As an instructor we all play different roles that are important to a successful class. Instructors roles include the following: Communicator Coach Sounding Board Mediator Cheerleader System “Expert” Roles as Instructor in … [Read more…]

Started a New Contract

I’m pretty excited, RS Learning Services has a new contract! My role is to update training material with information all related to SAP. SAP is a German software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The training documents had been created by Big Fish Consulting last year. Now that the documentation needs updates, … [Read more…]