Understanding Communication

As an instructor of adults, when communicating with your audience it is important to understand the communication process.

In diagram below illustrates:

  • the ideal communication process
  • the reality of the of the communication process, and
  • all that can get in the way of communicating with your audience

The first flow is the ideal communication process, there are no barriers between you and the audience. Your message comes across clear and you have 100% of the audience’s attention.

On second flow adds noise to the process which can muddle the message you are delivering. The audience is only paying attention to 50%-70% of your message.

The last flow you can see the different barriers that can get in the way between you and the audience.  Due to the different barriers, only a small percentage of the message is being delivered to your audience. Unfortunately this occurs more than it should.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.49.31 AM




Think about the challenges of communicating with your audience, and how as an instructor you can avoid these challenges.

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